Automated Reference Checking Software

Stop wasting time on Reference Checks!

Want more efficiency in your hiring process? Sick of cold-calling referees and losing candidates to slow pre-employment checks? Try Ref Hub. With Ref Hub, you can Ask the Right Questions, Reduce Time to Hire, and Eliminate Bad Faith References

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What People Say About Us
Don't just take our word for it. Many businesses, from startups to enterprises, utilize Ref Hub and have nothing but praise. Read our reviews!
"Our experience with Ref Hub at Interactive Resources has been a total game-changer."
Remember those long, exhausting hours we used to spend on reference checks? Well, they're a distant memory now, thanks to RefHub.It's not just faster; it's also impressively accurate. We've practically eliminated errors and reduced the risk of oversight.

Honestly, if you're in the market for a way to simplify and enhance your reference checks, I can't recommend RefHub enough. It's a breath of fresh air for our hiring process!"
Suraj A
User Friendly with Great Customer Support.
What do you like best about Ref Hub?
Easy to use, Order National Police Checks for workers or Volunteers Have used other platforms that aren't this easy Can be accessed by multiple users and allows your to easily onboard new workers
Brendon L
People and Culture Manager
"Good Tool. easy to use to conduct Reference checks for our members"
What do you like best about Ref Hub?
Saves time and an all in one platform to get reference checks, Police checks done. Love it!

What do you dislike about Ref Hub?
None so far. Everything works pretty well.
Nethmi. F
"The best thing to happen to recruitment since Linkedin"
Ref Hub streamlines and simplifies the referencing process giving you, the recruitment / hiring manager the time to focus on those bigger projects / responsibilities, without detracting from the importance of thise process.

You can pre-build reference questionnaires depending on the role / level of information required and, from the refhub platform, send out requests AND reminders - all with the click of a button.
Siobhan B.
People and Culture Manager
"Ref Hub reference checking software "
What do you like best about Ref Hub?
For a start-up business, it is invaluable for automating a time consuming task; reference checking.

What problems is Ref Hub solving and how is that benefiting you?Online reference checking - automates the reference checking process saving time and money.
Alan D
Director - CodeMatch
Great tool, Massive Time Saver!
What do you like best about Ref Hub?
The ability to create and store multiple checks for different roles is a big deal for us.

What problems is Ref Hub solving and how is that benefiting you?
This is a massive time saver. We are recruiting non-stop, so the ability to pretty much automate a step in the process gives us more time to source and speak to candidates.
HR & Talent Acquisition Manager

How online Reference Checks work
3 steps. Results in 24 hours!

Ref checks shouldn't be complicated. Just add your candidate's name, email, and phone number, and within as little as 24 hours, you'll receive reference feedback. It's that simple.
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Enter Candidate Details:

Start by providing the essential information about the candidate into our streamlined system, ensuring all relevant fields are accurately filled.

Initiate Reference Process:

Once details are entered, Ref Hub takes over. We automatically dispatch detailed requests to the candidate and referees. To ensure timely responses, reminders are diligently sent out via both email and SMS.

View Report:

With the process in motion, all you need to do is wait. In as little as 24 hours, thorough reference feedback will be conveniently delivered straight to your inbox, aiding your decision-making.

Why Companies Chose Ref Hub

Cost Savings

Whether you're utilizing another product or conducting reference checks manually, Ref Hub offers significant savings. Manual reference checks can involve 5 or 6 phone calls and multiple emails. The value of your time far surpasses the minimal cost of automation with Ref Hub.

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Reduce Time-to-Hire & Remove bias and Gain Insightful Feedback

Our studies indicate that 80% of referees prefer online reference checks. It allows them to select a convenient time to provide focused and well-rounded feedback. Additionally, this approach minimizes potential influence from the recruiter and eliminates bias from the process.

Fraud Detection & Powerful Reporting

Ref Hub is equipped with advanced fraud detection capabilities, promptly alerting you to any suspicious activity. Moreover, we provide in-depth reporting and comprehensive reference check summaries for thorough evaluation.

Ref Hub Pricing
Exceptional Value, Maximum Flexibility:
The Market's Best-Priced Option.
$5 -$8 per Check
Monthly subscription options
Yearly subscription with discounts
No Contract
Unlimited Referees Per Check
Pay as you go credits
Cancel anytime
Self Service Portal
PCI Compliant online payments
Australian Owned and Operated
Unlimited users on all plans
NO Hidden fees or locked features
Free Trial
Survey Builder

Craft Custom Role-Specific Surveys in Minutes for Deeper Insights

Customisable Emails

Customize all outbound emails and SMS to align with your brand's language

Custom Branding

Easily upload your logo and branding, ensuring every email and report consistently promotes your brand


Gain insights into your progress and enhance your time-to-hire efficiency with our advanced reporting tools

User Roles

Assign admins and consultants, then monitor individual performance with our comprehensive reporting tools

Bulk upload & integration

Effortlessly upload multiple candidates at once using CSV files or seamless integrations

SMS & Email

Never chase a candidate or referee again. With Ref Hub's SMS and email reminders, follow-ups are automated and timely

Zapier Integration
Connect Ref Hub with your current systems including Jobadder, Bullhorn, Vincere & much more
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The True Cost of Manual vs.
Automated Reference Checks

Try our Cost Calculator to find out how much you could save!

Manual Reference

While manual reference checks may appear cost-free, factoring in labor reveals a different story. Let's break down the expenses for a single candidate with 3 references:

15 Min
Chasing Candidates & Recording Details
45 Min
Phone Call to 3x Referees
15 Min
Manual Data Entry & Report Creation
1.1 hour
$40 per hour
Cost Per Check

Ref Hub

With Ref Hub, simply input the candidate's name and email address, and anticipate results in as little as 24 hours. Initiating this process takes under 5 minutes.

0 Min
We handle the follow-ups and data collection for you.
0 Min
No More Calls
0 Min
Auto Generated report
1 Credit
Cost Per Check

The Real-World

On average, our client conducts 60 reference checks per month. That's a staggering 240 calls, not accounting for follow-ups, missed calls, and report generation.

60 Hours
240 Calls Per Month
15 Hours
Admin & Report creation per candidate
75 Hours
$40 Per Hour
$3,000 monthly or $36,000 annually
Ref Hub
60 Credit
$5 Per Credit
$3,00 monthly or $3600 annually
Yearly Savings
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