Custom Surveys for Deeper Understanding

Move beyond basic questions and unlock meaningful insights with RefHub's questionnaire builder. Tailor your queries to each candidate's role and get detailed, valuable feedback from reliable sources, all with ease and precision.
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Create Your Survey

Craft tailored surveys with ease using our intuitive template builder, offering a variety of question types.

For a personalized touch, dynamically include candidate and referee names, positions, and employment details.

Name & Publish

Once your custom survey is ready, publish your template to make it accessible throughout the system for any reference check.

With unlimited templates at your disposal, you can flexibly tailor your surveys for every role you recruit for.

Send & Receive

Send out your survey template with ease through SMS or email using our automated reference checking feature.

Alternatively, utilize the template as a structured script and notes guide for phone references.


Benefits of Custom Surveys

1. Enhanced Relevance

Tailor questions to match the specific requirements of the role, ensuring you get information that's both useful and insightful

2. Improved Response Quality

Well-crafted, role-specific questions encourage more thoughtful and detailed feedback from referees

3. Increased Engagement

Custom surveys show referees that you value their input, leading to higher engagement and completion rates

4. Streamlined Processes

Save time by focusing on the information you need to make informed decisions, without sifting through irrelevant data

5. Consistent Branding

Reinforce your company's brand and professionalism with surveys that echo your organization's tone and values

6. Actionable Insights

By asking the right questions, you get actionable data that can directly influence your hiring strategy and candidate selection

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Just a few of the features we offer

Survey Builder

Craft Custom Role-Specific Surveys in Minutes for Deeper Insights

Customisable Emails

Customize all outbound emails and SMS to align with your brand's language.

Custom Branding

Easily upload your logo and branding, ensuring every email and report consistently promotes your brand.


Gain insights into your progress and enhance your time-to-hire efficiency with our advanced reporting tools.

User Roles

Assign admins and consultants, then monitor individual performance with our comprehensive reporting tools.

Bulk upload & integration

Effortlessly upload multiple candidates at once using CSV files or seamless integrations.

SMS & Email

Never chase a candidate or referee again. With Ref Hub's SMS and email reminders, follow-ups are automated and timely.

How much do Automated Reference checks cost?

Ref Hub provides a free plan that covers up to 5 references per month. Additional checks range from $5 to $8 on our paid plans.

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$25 -$30
Per Reference
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Free Plan
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Unlimited Users
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12 month contract
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User Limits
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Per Reference start with 10 free!
Free Plan
Unlimited Templates
Pay as you go plans
Cancel Anytime subscriptions

Competitor 2

$35 - $45
Per Reference
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Free Plan
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7 - 14 day Trial