How Automated Reference Checking works
3 steps. Results in 24 hours!

Ref checks shouldn't be complicated. Just add your candidate's name, email, and phone number, and within as little as 24 hours, you'll receive reference feedback. It's that simple.
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Enter Candidate Details:

Start by entering the candidate's name, email, and phone number into our online portal.

Initiate Reference Process:

Once details are entered, Ref Hub takes over. We automatically dispatch detailed requests to the candidate and referees. To ensure timely responses, reminders are diligently sent out via both email and SMS.

View Report:

With the process in motion, all you need to do is wait. In as little as 24 hours, thorough reference feedback will be conveniently delivered straight to your inbox, aiding your decision-making.

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Benefits of Automated Reference checks

1. Save Time and Money with Automation

Traditional reference checks often require an average of one hour from a recruiter due to follow-ups, data entry, and other communications. This could equate to an expenditure of $30 to $50 for the average HR manager or recruiter.

2. Better Insights

Automated checks with Ref Hub allow for role-specific reference questions, granting deeper and more relevant insights. Furthermore, our platform can tailor questions based on candidate details such as their previous position and duration of employment.

3. Convenience for the Referee & Unbiased Results

Our research indicates that referees prefer online reference check surveys. They appreciate the flexibility to provide detailed and honest feedback at their convenience. In contrast, phone reference checks might exert pressure, leading to rushed answers or potential biases in feedback.

4. Improved Response Rates

Ref Hub's automated reminders, delivered via both SMS and email, boost the chances of referees completing the survey promptly.

5. Enhanced Experience for Both Candidates and Referees

Ref Hub’s digital and intuitive process diminishes the effort needed from candidates and referees. Our platform's user-centric design ensures that everyone involved encounters a smooth, hassle-free experience.

6. Scalability: No matter the volume

Be it ten or a thousand candidates—Ref Hub's automated system scales seamlessly, guaranteeing a uniform procedure.

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Just a few of the features we offer

Survey Builder

Craft Custom Role-Specific Surveys in Minutes for Deeper Insights

Customisable Emails

Customize all outbound emails and SMS to align with your brand's language.

Custom Branding

Easily upload your logo and branding, ensuring every email and report consistently promotes your brand.


Gain insights into your progress and enhance your time-to-hire efficiency with our advanced reporting tools.

User Roles

Assign admins and consultants, then monitor individual performance with our comprehensive reporting tools.

Bulk upload & integration

Effortlessly upload multiple candidates at once using CSV files or seamless integrations.

SMS & Email

Never chase a candidate or referee again. With Ref Hub's SMS and email reminders, follow-ups are automated and timely.