How online Reference Checks work
3 steps. Results in 24 hours!

Ref checks shouldn't be complicated. Just add your candidate's name, email, and phone number, and within as little as  24 hours, you'll receive reference feedback. It's that simple.
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Purchase and Initiate

Buy police check credits within the Ref Hub system ranging from $22 to $42.50 per check. Once acquired, trigger the police check for the desired candidate.

Candidate Participation

The candidate receives a secure link via both email and SMS. Using this link, they are directed to provide the essential information for the police check.

Receive and Review Results

After the candidate submits the necessary details, the check is processed. The results are then promptly delivered to your organization, ready for evaluation within the Ref Hub platform.

Ref Types

1. Comprehensive Background Screening

Pair Ref Hub's advanced reference verifications with NCC's thorough police and right-to-work checks, ensuring candidates meet all employment criteria.

2. Streamlined Process

No more juggling between platforms. Enjoy a unified portal where both reference and police checks can be initiated, tracked, and completed.

3. Boosted Compliance & Security

Ensure full compliance with hiring regulations in Australia and New Zealand. With the collaboration of Ref Hub and NCC, you're adhering to regional standards and reducing risks.

4. Cost & Time Efficiency

By integrating reference and background checks through Ref Hub and NCC, save significant time and resources that would otherwise be spent liaising with multiple providers. Additionally, our police checks are offered at a highly competitive rate, ensuring value for money without compromising on quality.

5. Enhanced Candidate Experience

Candidates appreciate a smooth hiring process. By consolidating checks, they interact with fewer platforms, ensuring a more user-friendly experience.

6. Scalable Solutions

Whether you're conducting checks for a few candidates or scaling up for mass recruitment, the integrated platform adapts to your needs, providing consistent and reliable results.