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How to Increase Ref Check Submission Rate

Here are some ways to increase your recruitment's reference check submission rate. If you're looking for a simple, seamless, and free way to conduct reference checks, do it with Ref Hub!

Let's face it – conducting reference checks could take up much of a recruiter's valuable time. Considering that referees are usually department heads, managers, or supervisors, it is given that successfully reaching them to do a reference check could be an absolute struggle. In this article, let's see a couple of ways to increase your recruitment's reference check submission rate.

Make sure you’re asking a reasonable amount of questions

As a recruiter, you want to capture only the necessary information you need from the referees. Reduce the number of fields to make it faster and easier for the referees to complete the reference check. Limiting the amount of fields can be a big factor in increasing the reference check submission rate, so you have to strategically choose the questions that will give you a concrete understanding of the candidate.

Prepare well-written questions

Reading and understanding questions should be simple. When the questions are confusing, this makes the referee take more time in answering the form. Asking specific questions on a reference check should consider the role that the candidate applied for. There may be specific skills and experience that you want to confirm from the referee's POV, so it's best to prepare questions that won't overwhelm the referees.

Ensure you’re sending it to the right person

It is very important that you have the correct name and details of the referee when sending the reference check request.

Convenience with Mobile Access

Referees are either managers or supervisors, and we have to acknowledge how their time could be limited. It's important that the reference checks could be completed via mobile, allowing them to fill it out in their own convenient time and place. This accessibility highly increases the rate of completed reference checks.

Send reminders when necessary

Oftentimes, referees receive the reference check request and set it aside. They'll go through their day and could possibly forget about the request they received. This is why it is beneficial to send them reminders to do the reference check.

Consider doing a phone ref check

When a referee is not responding to  the web reference check request, you can always opt to give them a call. Maybe some referees also prefer to deliver their answers via call, rather than typing it all in by themselves.

Do it with Ref Hub

Are you looking for a simple and seamless way to conduct reference checks? Ref Hub allows you to create unlimited templates for the different roles you are hiring. Easily send these reference checks to multiple referees, and keep your entire recruitment team updated on the status of each reference check request. You wouldn't even have to worry about a payment due date, because it's free! Start using Ref Hub today.

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